A Rape In Cyberspace


An analysis (somewhat) by katelynn williams

This article isn’t really an article, nor is it a recent. This was written decades ago but i was hoping we could bring it up in class because it seems relevant to the things being discussed in Foucault readings.

My thoughts my sound a little all over place but hear me out.

When they are discussing Foucault’s idea about apparatus and how it weaves together different systems. LamdaMOO was the apparatus, and their main motto regards different people from around the world from different backgrounds.

In the sexuality reading where he talks about discourse being a major role in power and other aspects of these systems;( I am paraphrasing horribly). The technology itself is solely based on a descriptive language in the players mind. Also the discourse that happens after the rape seems to line up with his discussion of power, and how the shift happens between powers.

I can’t fully grasp what is being discussed in the readings but I have enough to see the parallels of this story and our readings.

A Rape In Cyberspace

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